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Invited Talks

contact us for a full list of invited seminars / interviews / poster presentations / additional recordings

Selected Presentations

Georgetown Lombardi
  • Feb 2022

  • Talk title: Location and health: an epidemiologic perspective

  • Emerging Scholar Award in Health and Medical Geography, American Association of Geographers Conference

  • New York, NY

  • Oct 2021

  • Talk title: Location and health: a focus on epidemiology and liver cancer [recording available]

  • Fred Hutch Science for Staff Seminar Series

  • Seattle, WA

  • Dec 2020  

  • Talk title: Air pollution adductomics and liver cancer risk

  • Physical & Built Environments Scientific Interest Group Seminar

  • Women's Health Initiative (WHI)

  • Sep 2020

  • [Interview]: In-Focus Fridays with Dr. Thomas Lynch, President & Director of Fred Hutch

  • Seattle, WA

  • Sep 2022

  • Poster title: Educational intervention to promote air pollution knowledge and personal exposure mitigation strategies using wearable sensors [abstract]

  • International Society for Environmental Epidemiology Conference

  • Athens, Greece

  • Jun 2020

  • Talk title: Geospatial methods for cancer epidemiology research [recording available]

  • Session: Modern Methods and Technologies for Environmental and Molecular Epidemiology Studies in Cancer Prevention

  • American Society of Preventive Oncology Conference

  • Tucson, AZ

  • Nov 2019

  • Expert Discussant, GIS-Based Research Panel

  • Calle/Rodriguez Memorial Expert Roundtable on Environmental Toxins and Cancer Research

  • American Cancer Society

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Mar 2019    

  • Talk title: Integrating spatial science with SEER data [recording]

  • Session: Characterizing Cancer Disparities Nationally and Internationally Using Publicly Available Data

  • American Association for Cancer Research Conference

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Mar 2022

  • Episode 28: Is Daylight Saving Time Hazardous to Your Health? [recording]

  • Freakonomics, M.D. podcast

  • May 2022

  • Talk title: Understanding the role of location

  • Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Principal Investigator Meeting

  • National Cancer Institute

  • May 2022

  • Talk title: Geospatial science for environmental epidemiology studies of liver disease and cancer

  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

  • Durham, NC

  • Jun 2022

  • Talk title: Geospatial analytics for environmental epidemiology [recording available]

  • Harvard Spatial and Contextual Exposomics and Epidemiology Laboratory

  • Boston, MA

  • Sep 2022

  • Talk title: The science of location for population-based cancer research

  • Plenary/keynote talk, Cancer Prevention and Control Program Annual Symposium

  • Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Washington, DC

  • Nov 2022

  • Talk title: Geospatial science applications in environmental epidemiology

  • Population Health Sciences Seminar

  • Weill Cornell Medicine

  • New York, NY

  • Sep 2023

  • Talk title: Geospatial modeling of light exposure

  • Geographic Analysis Working Group, Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, National Cancer Institute

  • Rockville, MD

Other Selected Media

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