Trang VoPham June 2021

Trang VoPham, PhD MS MPH

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology &
Principal Investigator (PI) of the tvplab based at Fred Hutch

Dr. VoPham joined the faculty of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) in 2019. Prior to Fred Hutch, she was on the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is a cancer researcher investigating environmental risk factors for health. Her research interests include cancer epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, liver disease and cancer, health disparities, and geospatial science (including geographic information systems or GIS).

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In Nov 2020, the American Association of Geographers organized a panel entitled Careers in Geography: A Discussion with Business, Government, and Nonprofit Sector Geographers.


See the entire panel discussion here (use passcode: 9fKS5Q#H).

selected updates & highlights

Nov 2021

Publication on

dioxin emissions and

liver cancer

Oct 2021

Fred Hutch seminar

on current tvplab

research projects

Jun 2021

Newly funded research grant

on environmental

circadian misalignment

Apr 2021

2021 Emerging

Scholar in Health and

Medical Geography Award

PMID 34800530_Figure1_dioxin_HCC

update on 11.17.2021


Published a paper in Environmental Research with results from an epidemiologic study of dioxin emissions and liver cancer risk in the US


update on 10.27.2021


Presented a seminar at Fred Hutch describing current research projects in the tvplab, including epidemiologic studies on air pollution and liver cancer and using Plume Labs Flow 2 wearable air pollution sensors


update on 06.15.2021


Awarded a new research grant entitled Spatiotemporal refinement for environmental circadian misalignment from the University of Washington EDGE Center


update on 04.09.2021


Honored with the 2021 Emerging Scholar in Health and Medical Geography Award from the American Association of Geographers (AAG)

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update on 09.25.2020

Interview with Dr. Thomas Lynch, President & Director of Fred Hutch, on a funded research project on air pollution, health disparities, and cancer using geospatial science

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Research Grants

active research projects being led by Dr. VoPham as PI

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