Trang VoPham June 2021

Trang VoPham, PhD MS MPH

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology &
Principal Investigator (PI) of the tvplab based at Fred Hutch

Dr. Trang VoPham is an epidemiologist conducting research on environmental risk factors for health using geospatial science methods. She received a PhD and MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh, an MS in Geographic Information Science & Technology from the University of Southern California, and completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Cancer Epidemiology at Harvard. She is PI of several research grants, including an NIH/NIDDK K01 examining air pollution exposure in relation to liver disease and cancer risk and disparities using electronic health record (EHR) analytics. She has over 45 publications and has presented invited talks including for the National Cancer Institute. She was honored with the 2021 Emerging Scholar in Health & Medical Geography Award from the American Association of Geographers. She is an expert in developing geospatial environmental exposure models for epidemiologic exposure assessments, including a nationwide environmental light exposure model.

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The American Association of Geographers (AAG) organized a panel entitled Careers in Geography: A Discussion with Business, Government, and Nonprofit Sector Geographers.


See the entire panel discussion here (use passcode: 9fKS5Q#H).

selected updates & highlights

Jun 2022

Presented a talk

for the

Harvard SpaCEE Lab

Jun 2022

Paper on air pollution

and NAFLD published

in Environmental Research

May 2022

 Abstracts on our

rese arch accepted to

ISEE Conference

Mar 2022

Interview on

Freakonomics, M.D.


update on 06.21.22


Harvard Spatial and Contextual Exposomics and Epidemiology (SpaCEE) Laboratory | Boston, MA

This presentation describes our lab's funded research grants and future research directions integrating geospatial science with epidemiology to study environmental risk factors for liver disease and cancer

PMID 35688225 Graphical Abstract

update on 06.07.22

Published a paper in Environmental Research with findings from our epidemiologic study showing a positive association between higher concentrations of ambient PM2.5 air pollution exposure and increased odds of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) among hospitalized patients in the US

Authors: Trang VoPham, Nicole J. Kim, Kristin Berry, Jason A. Mendoza, Joel D. Kaufman, George N. Ioannou


update on 05.25.22

Two scientific abstracts were accepted to the 2022 International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Conference that will take place in Athens, Greece in Sep 2022


(1) Abstract title: "Spatiotemporal exposure modeling of environmental circadian misalignment"


Authors: Mimi Ton, Matthew D. Weaver, Trang VoPham

Summary: Led by Mimi Ton, MPH (PhD Candidate in Epidemiology at the University of Washington), we developed the first-ever US nationwide exposure model of environmental circadian misalignment (ECM) (or environmental light exposure) using geospatial data on sunrise times, sunset times, and elevation


(2) Abstract title: "Educational intervention to promote air pollution knowledge and personal exposure mitigation strategies using wearable sensors"

Authors: Trang VoPham, Eric S. Kim, Francine Laden, Jaime E. Hart

Summary: We will be presenting preliminary findings from our study, funded by the Prevent Cancer Foundation (PI VoPham), that demonstrated the feasibility of an educational intervention to promote knowledge about air pollution (a known risk factor for lung cancer) using Plume Labs Flow 2 wearable air pollution sensors and educational videos


update on 03.10.22

Featured on the Freakonomics, M.D. podcast to discuss our lab's research on environmental circadian misalignment (i.e., geographic variation in environmental light exposure)

Episode 28: Is Daylight Saving Time Hazardous to Your Health?

Studies discussed during the interview include:

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 2.53.43 PM.png

update on 03.10.22

In collaboration with Co-Editor, Dr. Rena R. Jones (National Cancer Institute), we are accepting submissions for a Research Topic collection of manuscripts on Geospatial Science in Epidemiologic Research in the journal Frontiers in Epidemiology


update on 04.09.2021


Honored with the 2021 Emerging Scholar in Health and Medical Geography Award from the American Association of Geographers (AAG)


update on 09.25.2020

Interview with Dr. Thomas Lynch, President & Director of Fred Hutch, on a funded research project on air pollution, health disparities, and cancer using geospatial science

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